1. Clipchamp A web-based video editor from Microsoft

  • Free and paid versions available

  • Add videos or record screen

  • Add music, text and filters

2. Soundraw

  • Free and paid versions available

  • AI tool to generate soundtracks for your videos

  • Select mood and length to generate 10 tracks immediately

3. Rytr

  • Free and paid versions available

  • AI tools help you to generate,

  • video ideas

  • video scripts and video descriptions

4. Photopea

  • Free to use

  • An image editor with photoshop level of capabilities

5. Descript

  • Free and paid versions available

  • A word-based video editor and a transcriber

  • transcribe videos (web app)

  • edit videos (through the desktop app)

6. Thumbsup

  • Free to use

  • Check how your thumbnail looks on different platforms such as mobile, desktop and TV, sidebar, etc

7. Coolors

  • Free to use

  • Generate eye-popping colour palettes to create professional elements

8. Mercury by Stream Elements

  • Free to use

  • Create dynamic YouTube banners

  • Dynamic thumbnails

  • On-screen shoutouts

  • Live polls

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