Open Source Software

The terms “free software” and “open source” stand for almost the same range of programs. The open source idea values mainly practical advantage and does not campaign for principles.

Open source software is a type of software that is freely available to use, modify, and distribute. It is characterized by the availability of its source code, which is made available to users so that they can understand how the software works and make modifications to it if they wish.

Open source software differs from free software in that it is not necessarily released under a license that grants users the freedom to use, modify, and distribute the software. While many open source software projects are released under licenses that do grant these freedoms, others may be released under licenses that place certain restrictions on use, modification, or distribution.

Despite this difference, open source software and free software share many common principles and goals. Both are focused on promoting transparency, collaboration, and innovation in software development, and both rely on the participation and contributions of a community of users and developers.

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